Third-Party Supplier Audits

Kindus’ third-party supplier audit service enables you to focus on your internal responsibilities.

When engaging with third-party suppliers you will want to ensure that they can handle your confidential information and data in a secure manner. After all, what is the point of having your own security controls in place that are not mirrored by those suppliers whom you trust with your information/data?

Kindus will:

  • Perform supplier due diligence assessments – Kindus’ experienced security team can help you obtain assurance over the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data by performing detailed supplier due diligence assessments on your behalf.
  • Produce risk-based reports – Kindus’ supplier due diligence assessments will result in a detailed, risk-based report containing an objective assessment of controls in place, together with any recommended remedial actions.
  • Perform on-site visits – Where necessary, Kindus will perform on-site visits to validate controls e.g. physical security of premises, disaster recovery procedures, penetration tests etc.