Security Training

Over recent decades, organisations have spent countless millions on implementing firewall defences. This strategy has not only proved unsuccessful but provides a false sense of security. If staff are not sufficiently trained to deal with social engineering techniques such as phishing, all the investment in the world towards firewall defences will not make a difference.

"Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people" - Bruce Schneier

What makes Kindus’ security training so much more effective than others is that we make it personal to staff. When staff know it could harm them personally and not just the company, they pay more attention and the material sinks in better. Here are some examples of Kindus’ security training services:

  • Online training – Kindus will provide online training modules to increase risk awareness, such as helping staff defend against phishing attacks, ensuring they know how to detect the signs of a social engineering attack.
  • Escalation procedures – Kindus will implement robust escalation procedures so that staff can respond accordingly to a phishing call or email.
  • Social media guidance – Kindus will guide staff in the safe ways to use social media. For example, making staff aware of the risks of posting information that could jeopardise your organisation, and highlighting things that are inappropriate to post online.
  • Drop in sessions – Kindus will create drop in sessions, whereby staff can drop in over their lunch break and ask any questions related to security training/social engineering in a more informal setting.