Risk Assessment and Remediation

Kindus’ risk assessment and remediation consultants are aware that anything, from systems, to applications and suppliers, have the capability to cause a cyber security risk to your organisation. We know that understanding, assessing and quantifying these risks are the first steps to eliminating them.

Kindus will:

  • Assess levels of cyber security maturity – Kindus will assess your organisation’s ability to protect its information assets and its preparedness against cyber threats.
  • Assess cyber security risks, and define the controls needed to manage these risks – Kindus will identify the various assets that could be affected by a cyber-attack, e.g. systems, hardware and networks, and will identify the risks that could affect those assets.
  • Remediate any gaps in controls – Kindus will evaluate whether certain risks can be accepted or whether additional controls are required to reduce the risk down to an acceptable level.
  • Design bespoke cyber security controls for your organisation – Kindus will design tailored cyber security controls with your organisation specifically in mind.