Wireless Network Penetration Testing


Kindus’ wireless network penetration tests ensure that your business is not susceptible to cyber attacks via the WLAN. With wireless networks now a standard in any organisation, the threat is much greater than with a wired network. Wireless networks expand your organisation’s logical perimeter, and threats can consist of anything from rogue access points to weak encryption algorithms.

Cyber criminals can use rogue access points to record wireless network traffic, enabling them to gather information such as logins, passwords, and intranet server addresses, steal Internet bandwidth, transmit spam or use your network to attack others. Our penetration tests can minimise these threats through determining the vulnerable access points of your organisation.

"The explosion of companies deploying wireless networks insecurely is creating vulnerabilities..." - Kevin Mitnick

The benefits:

  • Detect vulnerabilities, rogue access points and misconfigured wireless devices
  • Ensure compliance with PCI DSS and other standards
  • Harden the wireless access path to your internal network
  • Audit security monitoring procedures and incident response tactics
  • Provide management with a proof of exploit, outlining assets than an attack can compromise
  • Reduce the risk and legal ramifications of a business breach
  • Prevent unauthorised use of your organisation’s wireless network as a base for launching cyber attacks