Web Application Penetration Testing


Kindus’ web application penetration tests mitigate the risk of your website becoming a target of cyber criminals. As web applications and services become ever more elaborate, they have become a more attractive target for cyber criminals.

Cyber criminals will seek to compromise your organisation’s site by attacking vulnerable web application deployments. It is simply not enough to rely on traditional firewalls and other security controls as they cannot defend against or alert you to attack vectors specific to web applications.

Our penetration tests’ focus on input validation, identifying weak passwords and poorly implemented access controls will ensure your organisation’s website is not vulnerable to cyber criminals.

"Making web applications safe is in the best interest of all organizations and the general economy" - Aaron C. Newman

 The benefits:

  • Tests your organisation’s incident response capabilities
  • Tests your organisation’s monitoring
  • Meets industry compliance
  • Non-intrusive
  • Unbiased testing – firm boundary between tester and developer
  • Combined benefit of White-Box and Black-Box testing
  • Results in protection from threats and prevents the misuse of web user privileges