Phishing Penetration Testing


Kindus’ phishing penetration tests will establish how susceptible your employees are to phishing emails, and whether you need to provide more training and awareness. Phishing is particularly dangerous because it relies on the willingness of employees. Whilst plenty of time and resources are generally dedicated to cyber security, it only takes one employee falling victim to a phishing attack to compromise an organisation’s data.

Our penetration tests will give you an independent assessment of employee vulnerability. Should your employees demonstrate weaknesses, we have a vast experience in staff training through online modules to heighten awareness of how phishing attacks function.

"Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people" - Bruce Schneier

The benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of scams and the spread of malware
  • Understand how a phishing attack can impact your organisation
  • Justify committing resources to hardening defence systems
  • Test the effectiveness of log management and correlation tools
  • Test the scanning of inbound and outbound communications
  • Close the path of advanced malware to your systems