Internal Network Penetration Testing


Kindus’ internal network penetration tests focus on the threats that your organisation faces from the inside. This could range from staff accidentally deleting or damaging data, to deliberately trying to steal information or compromise your systems. As staff typically have greater permissions than an outside agent, the internal network is where your organisation is most vulnerable.

Our penetrations tests check for misconfiguration in networks and web applications, for example, error handling and configuration management, that would allow access to sensitive information. Our penetration tests can also identify information exposed to an unauthorised user who has network-level access to your organisation’s IT environment.

"The internal network is where your organisation is most vulnerable"

The benefits:

  • Identifies existing effective internal network security
  • Tests your organisation’s internal monitoring and incident response capabilities
  • Identify improvement areas to achieve adequate security
  • Develop long-term strategic solutions to prevent weaknesses from recurring
  • Meets industry compliance
  • Provides organisational security awareness
  • Results in protection from internal threats and prevents the misuse of internal user privileges