Digital Transformation

The boundaries of what data can be digitalised, stored and analysed are rapidly coming down. Advanced sensors and rapid data transfer speeds enable the harvesting and recording of real time events.  Improved technology also eases digitalisation of existing information such as paper or other analogue records.

With increased volume and diversity of data has come the capacity to store that data and to make a meaningful analysis for reporting and decision making. Previously discrete operational areas such as compliance, auditing, supply, financial and communications systems are increasingly better at exchanging information.

"The last ten years of IT have been about changing the way people work. The next ten years of IT will be about transforming your business." – Aaron Levie

Kindus can help increase the profitability of your business

Complying with a digital future

Kindus can help increase the profitability of your business through introducing operational digital transformations that help boost enterprise efficiency, improve management quality and save on operating costs.  Some of our services include:

  • Enterprise data and analytics – Perform online, real-time, descriptive and prescriptive analytics along with reporting.
  • Mobile/IoT integration – Comprehensive mobile strategy through extensive device monitoring capabilities and offline data aggregation.
  • Integration/Orchestration – Integrate all services and communication such as CRM, ERP, CMS, HRM and other third-party or custom tools.
  • Logging and notifications – Log and monitor events in the entire enterprise system.
  • Geo visualisation – Custom indoor and outdoor mapping solutions opening up location control for stock control or human resource applications