Data Warehousing

With increasing ease of data collection and reduced costs in data storage, data warehouse systems need to cope with larger volumes of data.  As technology evolves but data stays at rest, solutions need to deal with a variety of data formats including legacy solutions.

Kindus’ data warehousing solutions ensure that your organisation can separate, store and manage data relating to all reporting regulations. Therefore, your organisation will be better equipped to access and monitor data to comply with regulations and compliance requirements.

'Data is useful. High-quality, well understood, auditable data is priceless.' – Ted Friedman

Your organisation will be better equipped to access and monitor data

Knowledge is power

Kindus can offer the following services:

  • Enterprise Data Management Services – Integrate, validate, manage and protect data from creation to eventual discontinuation.
  • Data Warehouse Migration Services – Centralise your data into an enterprise data warehouse through consolidation or migration from legacy platforms.
  • Analytical Services – Assistance in application development, decision support, implementation and forecasting for both operational and strategic users.
  • Architecture Design and Modelling Services – Design and architect your data warehouse to meet the needs of both IT and business users. Architecture and design services will identify business opportunities, examine current data warehouse maturity, build a business case and define a roadmap to ensure the data warehouse continually meets business needs.
  • Performance Services – Optimise your system through performance and capacity analysis. We can also implement workload management tools and application tuning techniques to improve data warehouse performance.
  • Managed Services – Our experts utilise data warehouse processes and specialised tools to manage and monitor day-to-day tasks required to maintain an optimal data warehouse environment.