Kindus is moving beyond the idea of Blockchain as synonymous with cryptocurrencies because we feel that is too restrictive.

Blockchain’s ability to record transactions that can never be changed or modified throws open a huge number of possibilities; for example, in the field of supply and tracking of goods and services.    

Kindus’ Blockchain experts can provide a range of Blockchain solutions to cut transaction costs and make your systems more reliable and secure.

'You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the Internet in the early 1990s.' – Blythe Masters

Kindus is moving beyond the idea of Blockchain as synonymous with cryptocurrencies

Transparent, secure and revolutionary

Here is an overview of how Kindus’ Blockchain services can help your organisation:

  • Secure your financial operations – Kindus’ smart contracts will provide transparency between all parties, guaranteeing no data was altered or deleted.
  • Optimise your financial operations – Kindus’ Blockchain technology allows your business to carry out financial operations in minutes, increasing overall company performance.
  • Cut the cost of business transactions – Kindus’ Blockchain technology removes the need to engage in costly intermediary services such as lawyers and bankers. Eliminating third-party intervention can significantly lower transaction fees and optimise efficiency.
  • Reinforce your asset management – Kindus’ Blockchain technology can track any product-related information, for example location, price, date, quality etc. over the whole product lifestyle, allowing businesses to address supply chain issues such as lack of transparency, reliability, traceability, and security.

For further information on Blockchain, and its potential for use in pharma, please follow the link.

Blockchain in pharma

This blog post provides a brief introduction to the concept of Blockchain, before explaining its potential for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

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