Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Kindus is at the forefront of innovation. As AI becomes more sophisticated, it will become an integral part of every business. In this context, we see great potential in using AI to automate governance and compliance functions.

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A manual approach to governance and compliance is dangerous because it can leave an organisation vulnerable to rapidly changing circumstances. Automated tools can eradicate human error and significantly mitigate the risk of failure.

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AI Auditing

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Detecting tomorrow’s threats today

Kindus is excited about developments in AI machine learning. This technology can be used to learn data trends and quickly identify any deviations from recognised patterns. Such deviations may be indicative of threats, preventing potential incidents at a much earlier stage than a human. These advances will have profound importance for the way organisations manage IT security.

Kindus’ AI solutions can:

  • Enhance organisational performance – Kindus can help you optimise operations, automate key processes, improve controls, increase performance and productivity, and facilitate capacity planning.
  • Support data in real time – Analyse and report on data as it is collected.
  • Manage risks more effectively – Kindus can integrate predictive analytics, allowing your business to predict market demand and foresee risks.
  • Make better business decisions – Provide key stakeholders with data to power more effective business decisions.
  • Transform user experience through machine thinking – AI processes can reduce the manual operations needed to perform mundane tasks.
  • Deliver a customer-first service – Sophisticated user interfaces provide high level information to decision makers.