How we got our name


Kindus was founded in 2010 by a team of highly experienced IT security professionals who wanted to use their expertise and knowledge to help organisations protect themselves from the huge range of emerging threats to computer systems. The company name was inspired by one of the greatest philosophers and mathematicians of the Middle Ages called Al-Kindi who was highly influential in the fields of physics, mathematics, cryptography, medicine, philosophy and music.

Mission Statement

At Kindus, we work closely with our clients to foster a trusted relationship that they rely upon to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to protect their key information assets. Our experience will help develop a secure operating environment with robust controls and provisions engendering complete security assurance and peace of mind

We provide clients with the peace of mind that their business is running in a safe and secure environment. We do this by delivering high quality, innovative information assurance and cyber security services and solutions.

Vision Statement

Kindus is a trusted, expert partner for its clients in all information, assurance and cyber security areas by delivering industry leading services and solutions.